Information and knowledge is the lifeblood of all organisations

About Us

Intelligent information is a consultancy specialising in sourcing and sorting information to help de-risk your decision making processes. Our focus is Asia, and we specialise in desk research, consulting, and knowledge and information management throughout Asia.

Intelligent Information's vision is to provide the highest quality of information services to its clients in a cost-effective manner.

The team at Intelligent Information has over 30 years of experience within the information and research field.

Intelligent Information began operating in 2005 and over time we have worked with an array of institutions including: government, law firms, investment banks, corporations, investment managers, private equity firms, corporate advisory firms.

Our suite of services that we use for our clients is contained in our Lifecycle Toolbox.

How we can help you

The Lifecycle Toolbox is a program that allows organisations big and small to create and manage their knowledge.

Using the Lifecycle tools will ensure that organisations:

  • reduce the risk in their business decisions,
  • reduce the amount of time staff spend finding the right information by 50%,
  • meet their reporting requirements,
  • keep up-to-date with competitors and industry trends,
  • can easily find and retrieve their knowledge throughout its lifecycle, and
  • create an environment for knowledge creation and sharing

Intelligent Information

manages your information through its lifecycle

Lifecycle Toolbox

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